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Something Lovely

Monday, January 16th, 2012

I heard this song while listening to the radio, and it reminded me of this picture.

When the storm is raging all around me
You are the peace that calms
My troubled sea
And when the cares of this world
Darken my day
You are the light that shines
And shows me the way


I Had Lunch With the Mayor

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

I had lunch with Julian Castro, the mayor of San Antonio, at La Gloria today.

Farm Boy (in the blue t-shirt) played tourist for me and let me take a picture with my iPhone of the back of Mayor Juilan’s head.

Here he is from the front.

"I went to Harvard Law"

He seems like a cool dude. He drank soda and ate chips and chatted with some lawyer looking dudes. It was a fun lunch.

We love going to eat here after visiting the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market on Saturdays.

I highly recommend the tacos al pastor with pineapple if you visit La Gloria  by The Pearl Brewery.


Before lunch I spent some time taking pictures at The Pearl Brewery Farmers Market.

This is one of my favorite places to take my fancy cam because there is always something fun to see. Unfortunately I didn’t make it earlier to get better light, but there was still lots to snap about.



IMG_2222 - Version 2

IMG_2292 - Version 2

IMG_2285 - Version 2



I love shopping at farmers markets and this one is small, but nice. Today I only bought some Guajillo Honey Almonds from Al’s Gourmet Nuts stand. They were so sweet and crunchy.

I ate them before I could take a picture. Ooops

Here is Al showing off his gourmet treats!  I wanted to make a “That’s what she said” joke here but Farm Boy vetoed.  Feel free to think up one for yourself and then have a good laugh. :)

I really like to support Texas Farmers.  I am so impressed with all the fresh, local food available in this part of the state.  If you haven’t made it to The Pearl you should stop by.  The market is held every Saturday from 9-1 rain or shine.


Do you shop at your local farmers market or go there to people watch?