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Happy Changes

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

I have something exciting in the works. After several months of brainstorming, not blogging, blogging, not blogging, I think I’ve finally found Happydally’s place in the blog world.

While my favorite part of blogging is trying to find a way to make people laugh, my secret wish is to blog a lot more about running. And not running. But the two don’t always fit well together. (Some people realllyyy don’t want to hear about why my shoe laces are wonky in the picture above. Some of you will comment for the first time wanting to know what is wrong with my stupid right foot.)

But have no fear, blog friends who only run when being chased. I have the perfect place for you.

That’s right betches, I named a blog after myself back in 2004 and it is time to pull that vintage site out of the suitcase and sprinkle some glitter on it. Or at least a little turquoise.

It will be all about my 2,367 other interests. Oh and fabulous.

Stay tuned. :)


Quote of the Day: Kids Voting Edition

Monday, November 5th, 2012

*This story is not embellished. These 2nd graders are really this hilarious. oh yeah, and smart.


2nd Grade Boy: Ms. Hendon, who are you voting for?

Me: Well, I already voted and I am keeping that information private.

2nd Grade Girl: My mom told me there are three things you don’t talk about. Religion, how old somebody is, and who you voted for.

Me: (OMG)

2nd Grade Boy:  I’m voting for Nick Romney. He is all about family.

Me: And you think President Obama is not all about family? He does have 2 daughters and a wife .

2nd Grade Boy: Yeah, but Obama made all those promises. Promises, promises, promises.

Me: Yes, that is what politicians do. They make lots of promises.


Happy Election Day!

Currently November

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

It’s NOVEMBER!? What happened to October?

If you are here from Across the Pond, can I just say Meg’s travel photos are KILLING ME with envy.

I need an Ireland Vacation NOW!

Lately I’ve been busy. I’m an aimless volunteer.

You name it, I’ve been volunteering to do it.

Destination Imagination, JDRF Walk For the Cure, Voting Rights for Dogs…ok that one I made up.











Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade always reminds me it is a new month and therefore time for a Currently update!























School has been crazy, I have had an event almost every single day except on Sundays for the past month, and I am TIRED.

My goal for November is to catch up on three things:

1. Revenge (The show people…sheesh I am not that evil…or am I?)

2. Running Mileage-I’m supposed to be at 4.5 and I am really only doing 3.5 easily right now.

3. BLOGGING! Everything I’ve been up to lately has kept me from blogging and I am NOT a happy dally.

I am working on a FABULOUS new Blog Theme for HappyDally.  Hopefully by next week things will look very different around here.  I can’t wait to share. Here is a hint…I was inspired by these:


What are you up to currently?

Big Girls Do Barre

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Hello Strangers!

It is officially one week since I had my Mohs and plastic surgery to remove the basal cell carcinoma.  I plan to write a LOOOONNNGGG post once I have pictures with the stitches out, so you can see a before and after. Also because I may need to photoshop my backside out of the pictures farm boy took while I was wearing that dang hospital gown.  NEVER AGAIN PEOPLE.

I do want to say a HUGE thank you to my family and farm boy. You were the best nurses ever!

Now to my real reason for writing.

I am here to tell you that I have a new love.

This stuff is crazy!  It is ballet, yoga, pilates circuit torture (my definition, not theirs)! And this big girl is working it.

You see, I’ve told several people I’ve started going to these classes since they opened at the end of September, and they all ask more or less the same thing-“Are they all Alamo Heights skinny bi***es?”   The answer is NOOO cause I am bring the junk in my Lululemoned trunk every week. Yes there are a majority of SSSAYM (super skinny stay at home moms) in the studio, but there have been older ladies and big girls too!

We don't sweat, we GLISTEN

I found these funny illustrations on a blog post about Which Type of Barre-bie are you in Barre Class? on the Rate Your Burn blog.

I would be part #8 and part #13

I’m actually not self-conscious like #13. I know I should be there. I am the only laughing and smiling. The rest of them usually have a serious case Grumpy Face. They might be hungry. I know I am. And this blogger is right…I think it is harder for me than for them. I have a big ol fat roll in the way every time I try to do the ab work, not to mention my big booty gets in the way when I try to do back and side leg lifts. You know you know what I’m talking about.


So I write this to say to my friends, don’t be afraid of trying a barre class at your gym or local studio, because big girls CAN do barre!

Running in the Dark

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Tonight I ran in the dark for the first time. Like really dark. I had a light, but it wasn’t bright enough.

I did not look like this.

I was late to the start due to a parent meeting at school.  I started several minutes after everyone had taken off on our 1 miles timed run. My coach told me to follow the arrows and I should catch up to the walkers. I suddenly started to wonder if had missed the arrows. I couldn’t see street sign names either. I was scared to the point of calling out the names of my friends I couldn’t see ahead of me, in hopes someone would be there.  Finally I saw a flashlight beam ahead and started yelling, FLEET FEET?? FLEET FEET?

We are now officially the No Limits 8K group. Yep, we are wimpin out and just working towards 5 miles.

Thank goodness, because my feet hurt so badly of teaching each day I don’t know how I will go even 5 miles.

Apparently running scared really helps your time. I made it in under 11 minutes trying to catch up with people! It was awesome. Now I know that is slow, however it is an improvement over my 105 degree 13 minute miles this summer.

Like a herd of turtles...


I start SmartBarre classes tomorrow. I get to relive my old ballet days!

Someone go back to the 90s and get me that skirt!



What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You…Blonder?

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

It’s time for another haircut.

Do I go Mad Men Blonde this time?

If today is any indication of how the rest of my Wednesdays will go, I am going to need to cover more grey soon. Gray or grey? Tomato, Tomato. Potato, Potato.   Please tell me when you read that you heard the two different pronunciations in your mind.

Yesterday an eight year old  tried to fix me up with her grandpa. She said he was single, if I was into old men with ponytails.

Last week while trying to sit in a circle on the floor, I said something about how it’s difficult to sit like this when you get older. A student replied, “You’re not old, you look 35.”  Sigh.   No dear, I’m just 30.

September Currently

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Have you been to Krazytown lately? If not, go visit and congratulate her on winning some BIC Velocity Pens and Pencils. Thanks Suzanne for posting on Happydally Facebook page !  So far, I’ve only found the pencils. I’ll keep looking!!!

Here is my September Currently from Oh Boy Fourth Grade.


Now that Labor Day is over, can I finally wear these?


Local Love: Avocado Cafe and GIVEAWAY

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

No cats were harmed during the making of this post. We’ll get to that later.

If you are visiting me from Oh Boy Fourth Grade, I was right. I told Farley I didn’t want thousands of fans seeing my chipped nail polish and wack makeup. Lucky for me you were probably too blinded by my yellow sweater to notice! If you aren’t visiting me from Oh Boy Fourth Grade, what are you thinking???? GO VISIT HER AND THEN COME BACK HERE! :)

Last week  I visited a brand new cafe in the Bracken Village in NE San Antonio for lunch.

Who knew there were so many yummy uses for an avocado!


I thought the name was cute and earthy, but I never guessed most of the menu really would include avocado. (DUH)

The moment we walked in the door, we were hit up with FREE dessert samples!   I LUV me some dessert before the main course.

BTW teacherbarbies, my trick for telling kiddos how to know the difference between dessert and desert is that eating DESSERT is TWICE as nice as being in the hot DESERT.

There is your squirrel lesson for the day.

OK, back to the avocado yumminess.

I had the avocado, chicken, and provolone sandwich. There was another wedge, but I had gobbled it down like I was on lunch duty or something before I took the photo.

It was DELICIOUS!!! RANDOM FACT- I have not consumed avocado in NINE YEARS until this sandwich people.  After living in Costa Rica with an avocado tree in my backyard (which meant it was included in most meals) I swore off avo for awhile. OH yeah and rice and beans. Sheesh can a girl get some MEAT ?  Living in Costa Rica definitely sent me on the path of pastry overload, because I couldn’t eat rice and beans three times a day.


the Avocado Cafe delights weren’t done.

We had CELERY and dip in lieu of chips and salsa brought to the table. Some of you will gag, but I found it so random I gobbled them up.

I had trouble finishing my food because I was distracted by the country chic design. Old table, lanterns hanging from a branch, and a birdhouse? I may never leave.


Who needs a Cat in a Hat when you can have a Cat in a BOX!


Seriously though, you should check out the Avocado Cafe if you are nearby, or not! You can stop in my favorite jewelry place Bless Your Heart next door in the big red barn!


SO, if you haven’t already read Farley’s post about the perfect pens BIC sent her, here is your chance. Go to Farley’s blog and check out the pens and pencils. Comment there and you have a chance to win her giveaway. Then LIKE my Facebook page for Happydally  and tell me you commented on Farley’s blog. If you managed to jump through those two hoops, you will have a chance to win the Velocity BIC pens from me!!!   Heather and Farley weren’t lying. That pen was SMOOOOOOOOTHHHH.

One post will be randomly selected from Happydally’s Facebook page on Tuesday! SO get on over there!!! If we were in South Carolina it would be GIT!

The Shoe Club = Shoe Heaven

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Today I PR’d! Not that this is difficult when your run at a turtle’s pace.


We did it NOBO2! We ran through the hottest summer in history!

I enjoyed the Sunrise 5K at the Alamo Heights Pool. It was the most crowded race I’ve done in awhile. I unfortunately started out too far in the front of the pack with the rabbits, and this killed me in my time by the last mile…so tired!  Farm Boy was waiting for me at the last 300 meters and actually ran alongside me, that is until I waved him off cause I thought I needed all the air I could get. I was so HOT! My personal trainer ran the race as well, and waited to “cheer” me on at the end.

Even Instagram can’t hide my tired eyes! lol This is Lauren my trainer. If you don’t know me, she is obviously the fitter one. :)

Typically when we workout she is all sweet and positive. Today she was standing about 100 meters from the finish line and she gave me the meanest “DON’T SLOW DOWN” yell I’ve ever heard. It worked. I hauled it in at 35 mins and 45 seconds. That is an 11:31 min mile pace. Not bad. My new turtle name is Trot. Trot the Tortoise or Hot to Trot?

After running the Sunrise 5K this morning, I was starving…for NEW SHOES!

I needed to replenish all those "nutrients" I lost while running. ;)

Luckily, this is tax-free weekend in Texas. This can only mean one thing.

Every store is packed and likely out of your size.

Unless you are smart like me, and you go to the local stores like The Shoe Club in the Quarry Market area (across from the Quarry).

I left with THREE pairs of fabulousness.

Black and Gold-My old High School Colors!

Because sometimes you need Silver


I’m in love my new ballet flats. I could probably buy a pair in every color if I won the lottery. They are buttery soft, with enough flexibility to wear comfortably. I will have to see if they pass the teacher death stand test.

The third pair is the most fabulous, but I’m saving them for after Labor Day.  I’ll give you a hint.

They are from the fall TOMS collection.

Did you do any Back to School Shopping this weekend?


The Three Faces of Eve

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

If I recall correctly, Eve is a Crazy B with multiple personalities, but it was the only title I could think of.

and I’m a little crazy myself

Today was back-to-school hair cut day! It was also my last day of summer. :( sigh

Here is my attempt at taking pictures with my iPhone.  I need to lay OFF the tortillas chubby cheeks. Yikes!

With my hair growing this quickly,  I am going to have to up the beauty budget to keep up with this look ladies.

This time I had my stylist straighten my hair. It feels sooo soft. It never gets this straight when I blow dry it. Probably because I give up after 3 minutes.

Also, check out my pretty rose-gold H&M earrings!

Those were my fun gift from Katie at Team Skelly during Because Shanna Said So‘s Bauble Swap.

Here is Katie’s post where she is wearing the bauble I sent her! So cute!


Now I owe some apologies to Shanna and Katie. The Bauble Swap happened a long time ago. Right around the time I found out I had the skin cancer thing. Needless to say I was distracted and NOT blogging (since I didn’t have anything nice to say).  But here I am to say THANK YOU KATIE! These are super hot. Also, your family is precious!

This was also the COOLEST blog swap I’ve ever participated in. I want to Bauble Swap every month!

What kind of jewelry would like to find in your mailbox?