Running in the Dark

Tonight I ran in the dark for the first time. Like really dark. I had a light, but it wasn’t bright enough.

I did not look like this.

I was late to the start due to a parent meeting at school.  I started several minutes after everyone had taken off on our 1 miles timed run. My coach told me to follow the arrows and I should catch up to the walkers. I suddenly started to wonder if had missed the arrows. I couldn’t see street sign names either. I was scared to the point of calling out the names of my friends I couldn’t see ahead of me, in hopes someone would be there.  Finally I saw a flashlight beam ahead and started yelling, FLEET FEET?? FLEET FEET?

We are now officially the No Limits 8K group. Yep, we are wimpin out and just working towards 5 miles.

Thank goodness, because my feet hurt so badly of teaching each day I don’t know how I will go even 5 miles.

Apparently running scared really helps your time. I made it in under 11 minutes trying to catch up with people! It was awesome. Now I know that is slow, however it is an improvement over my 105 degree 13 minute miles this summer.

Like a herd of turtles...


I start SmartBarre classes tomorrow. I get to relive my old ballet days!

Someone go back to the 90s and get me that skirt!




2 Responses to “Running in the Dark”

  1. Kristin says:

    I love your turtle picture!!! And please please don’t ever run alone at night again!!!!

  2. Melissa says:

    running scared DOES help your time, lol. Believe me, I’ve run some scary ass isolated runs in some of the relays ive done. In fact, I just signed up to run one of the same ones, with the same legs. Why? THinking back, I was pretty much scared shitless for 2 of the 3 legs

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