Currently November

It’s NOVEMBER!? What happened to October?

If you are here from Across the Pond, can I just say Meg’s travel photos are KILLING ME with envy.

I need an Ireland Vacation NOW!

Lately I’ve been busy. I’m an aimless volunteer.

You name it, I’ve been volunteering to do it.

Destination Imagination, JDRF Walk For the Cure, Voting Rights for Dogs…ok that one I made up.











Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade always reminds me it is a new month and therefore time for a Currently update!























School has been crazy, I have had an event almost every single day except on Sundays for the past month, and I am TIRED.

My goal for November is to catch up on three things:

1. Revenge (The show people…sheesh I am not that evil…or am I?)

2. Running Mileage-I’m supposed to be at 4.5 and I am really only doing 3.5 easily right now.

3. BLOGGING! Everything I’ve been up to lately has kept me from blogging and I am NOT a happy dally.

I am working on a FABULOUS new Blog Theme for HappyDally.  Hopefully by next week things will look very different around here.  I can’t wait to share. Here is a hint…I was inspired by these:


What are you up to currently?



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