I Like to Move It Move It


Happydally posting will be light for a few days.  I am packing to move next weekend. Don’t cry, it will be ok.

I’m an expert mover. I think  I’ve moved eight times in eight years. One really gets rid of a lot of shiz when you’ve moved that much. Except for that pair of Anthropolgie pants that never fit. One day they just might…a girl can dream.

I also find that I can put the things back in the exact box they were in last time due to my favorite labels from The Project Girl’s packing labels you can download HERE.

I love how there is plenty of room to list all the things you’ve crammed in the box.

Food stuff gets labeled as dining (When was the last time I had a dining room?) and Sherman’s stuff goes under Family. He is my furbaby after all. He has a nice box full of costumes, shampoos, and toys. He does not like it when I pack his toys.

I’m very excited about this move. I am going to have a BACKYARD!!!! I can take Sherman out in my underwear and flip flops and no one will care like this little kid:

It also has a very nice kitchen and patio space, so there are about to be some serious parties. You’ll have to BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair…I have very little furniture).

I will post pictures soon.  For now, say a little prayer that I get this all done by Saturday. I also have to get my classroom ready and start back to school on Wednesday. BLAH


[youtube 34z5DGZMf_s 640 510 ]

What are your packing/moving tips?

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3 Responses to “I Like to Move It Move It”

  1. Kristin says:

    I’m excited for you! It’s always better to have your own yard… Sherman will LOVE it! We will be moving next year, unless the great of miracles happens and they don’t raise the rent… I want a house too!

    I don’t envy you moving and starting school all in the same week though… That is stress! But you are so organized it will be done quickly! Sherman just asks that you unpack his toys first! :)

    • dallyroo says:

      LOL You think too highly of me. I am paying movers for the first time ever. It is expensive, but they are licensed and insured so I don’t have to worry so much if something breaks. I don’t have that much stuff really. Mostly SHOES and dishes.

  2. Andi says:

    Move in February, best moving we’ve ever done for sure! Next lease we have we are gonna have to try and make a deal to extend till then!

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