Thanksgiving 2011

I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s daily posts on FB about what they are thankful for. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon, but here are some things that I am thankful to have.

I am thankful for free time to spend outside and enjoy the fall weather. (Even if that means sweatin it out in 85 degree heat in the S.A.)

I am thankful for my family.


I love my lil bro too, but he is too busy playing Mr. Basketball in NYC this week to be photographed. That is ok because we saw you on ESPN 2 and Channel 9 tonight!!!! Just to keep you in check, I will post embarrassing kid photos. He’s so cute!

Sherman- I am thankful for having a break from mommy duties when your PaPa is around.


Farm Boy- I know I’m not supposed to post you on the blog, but I am very thankful for you. You look handsome rockin the Paul Bunyan beard/ Movember moustache. I hope you win the contest!!!


We make a good team. :)


I’m off to get some sleep before the food fest begins.

Dressing is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Do you call it Stuffing or Dressing?

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.






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