Weekend Food Find: Steel Cut Oatmeal

Twice in the past week I’ve made this delicious recipe from The Yummy Life Blog for Overnight, Slow Cooker, Apple Cinnamon Steel-Cut Oatmeal.

Wow, that is the longest recipe title EVER!

Well worth it though. It is quite yummy.

I used Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats. This package was enough for two double batches!

I also went overboard on the apples. I used 4 or 5.

I can’t remember because I kept feeding Sherman pieces and then had to cut up more to add.

Are those apple chunks or BUTTER!!?? :) Token out of focus shot. It wouldn’t be a Happydally post without one of those.

Seven Hours Later…

24 Hours later-Leftovers with dried cranberries! DELISH!

I really enjoyed making this recipe. I even took it in my lunch TWICE this week. I will definitely add more dried fruit next time to sweeten it up a bit. Check out Monica’s blog for more yummy recipes!

Do you have a favorite crock pot recipe? I’d love to try something new!

Happy Weekend

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  1. Daliene, thanks so much for such an enthusiastic endorsement of my recipe! I’ve been eating my banana version of this all week. It’s so filling. Thanks again for the link love!

  2. dallyroo says:

    This oatmeal is delicious!

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