Will Run for Cookies


I will run for cookies. Especially Girl Scout Cookies! I would probably also run for any form of

ice cream, brownie, or tex-mex queso. Just sayin.

Thanks to my fit friend M, I am signed up for this 5K.  The first real 5K I will (hopefully) have completed since undergrad.

I fell off the jogging wagon in October. :(

On a positive note, that means my “new” running shoes are still like new!

SO if you are in the SA on March 24th, you should grab a glass of milk and come run with us! Slowly.

You will be jogging slowly M.M or I will pass out.

To get a head start on my training, I’ve went through 3 boxes of Girls Scout Cookies already!!! Those new Savannah Smiles are SOOOOOOOO  Lemony Snicket Good.  Delicious, yet unfortunate for my thighs.

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3 Responses to “Will Run for Cookies”

  1. Hello there! Just hopped on over to your blog from Across the Pond. Love it! You have kept me entertained here for quite a while as I have been reading through your posts. Heehee I should be doing work. But I am not. I am blog stalking you. Or is it blog post stalking? Either way, they both sound creepy.

    Look forward to reading more and good luck with all that running! :)) I myself, would prefer the cookie consumption part of that equation :)

    Jeanine :))

    • dallyroo says:

      Hi Jeanine!
      Are you my long lost sister? You could be my Bister? Blog Sister? That sounds weird…but not as weird as Blister. Sounds like we have a lot in common!! :) For the record I has 6 cups of chamomile tea today.
      I am home sick…like SICK SICK and missing work tomorrow. I am excited to hopefully be able to open my eyes long enough to read your blog!

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