All the Single Ladies

Put yo hands up!

Farm Boy is in Chicago this week and I am living it up!

I get into all kinds of trouble when he isn’t around. Typically in the calorie department.  Let’s be honest. I am like a naughty child who needs supervision.

Day 1 (Mind you this was my post state writing STAAR testing night…two days of staring at “nothing” will make one do strange things).

1. Ate chips and salsa for dinner.

2. Watched 6 hours of Bravo without moving.

BTW- I want to become a rich hoarder so Jeff Lewis will come stay with me for a week!

I also watched Million Dollar Listing NY.  I feel like I should be a real estate broker. I was calling prices like I actually know the difference between Tribeca and Chinatown!

I think Ryan is pretty ick except for his songwriting.  Though I would probably hire him, Fredrick is a troublemaker. I like little Michael…such a bad.

3.  Played about 20 rounds of Drawsomething with random strangers

4.  “Walked” the dog by throwing chips across the room for him to eat

5.  Dangerous Amazon Prime online shopping for running gear while eating a Klondike bar. Very counterproductive

As you can see, I have a problem. It is largely based around chips and ice cream. I need a babysitter.


Do you have any sneaky habits when your significant other is far away? Keep it PG people.


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