The Three Faces of Eve

If I recall correctly, Eve is a Crazy B with multiple personalities, but it was the only title I could think of.

and I’m a little crazy myself

Today was back-to-school hair cut day! It was also my last day of summer. :( sigh

Here is my attempt at taking pictures with my iPhone.  I need to lay OFF the tortillas chubby cheeks. Yikes!

With my hair growing this quickly,  I am going to have to up the beauty budget to keep up with this look ladies.

This time I had my stylist straighten my hair. It feels sooo soft. It never gets this straight when I blow dry it. Probably because I give up after 3 minutes.

Also, check out my pretty rose-gold H&M earrings!

Those were my fun gift from Katie at Team Skelly during Because Shanna Said So‘s Bauble Swap.

Here is Katie’s post where she is wearing the bauble I sent her! So cute!


Now I owe some apologies to Shanna and Katie. The Bauble Swap happened a long time ago. Right around the time I found out I had the skin cancer thing. Needless to say I was distracted and NOT blogging (since I didn’t have anything nice to say).  But here I am to say THANK YOU KATIE! These are super hot. Also, your family is precious!

This was also the COOLEST blog swap I’ve ever participated in. I want to Bauble Swap every month!

What kind of jewelry would like to find in your mailbox?


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  1. Girl, no worries! You just take care of you, and let the blogging happen when it happens! They look absolutely fabulous with your new ‘do, I am so glad that you like them! 😀

  2. Kristin says:

    Love the new haircut!

  3. Michele says:

    Me loves the ‘do!

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