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Oh How Pinteresting: Back to School

August 8th, 2012

It is Wednesday, and I finally remembered to link up with The Vintage Apple!
Oh How Pinteresting: Back to School 
People, I LOVE me some back to school shopping. I was back to school shopping in JUNE!!!

My new obsession:  I am trying to find one of these as my go-to work shirt! I need to lay off the cardigans! lol

Source: richandheathersmith.com via D on Pinterest


Will someone please make this for me? I’m running out of room on my current jewelry display.

The fatter I get the more necklaces and shoes I seem to buy. :/


Source: somethinglikethatdesigns.com via D on Pinterest

I want this painting as a tattoo sleeve on my arm. I am obsessed with waves on my arms.



Source: etsy.com via D on Pinterest





Source: alidamakes.com via Brittany on Pinterest

Source: alidamakes.com via Brittany on Pinterest


Currently: August

August 5th, 2012

Since July flew by at warp speed, I’m here with the Oh Boy Fourth Grade Currently August already!

Say WHAT!?

I can’t believe it.

Kind of like McKayla Maroney can’t believe she fell on her @$$ and got the silver. If looks could kill.

This Sucks

BTW- Does anyone think of McDonalds or Grey’s Anatomy when they see her name spelled that way?

What menu item would the McKayla be?  A veggie burger? A double meat double cheese? What do you think?

Ok, back to Currently in August.

Well first, I’ve already worked a week at the district office, and I’ll be working all this week at a workshop for the district. SO summer is over. The only blessing is we start around 8am instead of 7am.  Kick me now.

We worked on writing GT curriculum, and it is good to have the entire year pacing calendar already ready to go. I know exactly what vocabulary words I’ll be teaching on January 14th! Actually, I just made that date up, but we really did map it out to that detail. Seems strange, but hopefully it provides consistency across the district.

Today I filled out my August calendar and it is packed! Between school PD, running stuff, and doctor appointments I am booked!

I’m pretty freaked out about the skin cancer now. After meeting with my Mohs Surgeon, he encouraged me to meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss doing the stitches.  So, surgery is postponed for a few weeks til I have my plastics consult. I don’t know if that is what it is called, I just made that up. Sounded Doctor-like. I’ll be writing more soon about this. I’m still in denial. WEAR SUNSCREEN PEOPLE!

I had to take a break from writing this post to watch the men’s gymnastics floor routine.  Have you noticed that a lot of gymnasts are bounding out of their passes with awkward leaps and  jumps so they can avoid landing deductions? Well, tonight my goal was to do the funny jump with the men every time they landed. I call it the butterfly. It is much easier than what the women do.  I earned a bronze for my efforts.



Pump You Up

August 3rd, 2012

Have you found your Olympic body match?

At first, my body match was this Japanese female wrestler.


Do I really look like this every Monday as my trainer tries to talk me into lifting 12.5 instead of 8 lbs?

As I searched frantically for a body that matches what I think I look like I realized I had entered my weight in the KILOS box instead of LBS.  DUH!

Turns out I’m a little bit closer to this cyclist,

 or this weight lifter.

It seems we share adult acne type as well.

Sorry. TMI

The cool thing is my weightlifting match won the bronze!

This may be the closest I ever get to winning an olympic medal!

Do you dare take the Olympic Body Match Challenge?


Manis and Margaritas!

August 3rd, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone!

Cheers to the last free weekend of the summer Teacherbarbies!! School starts soon, and I am so glad I’ve had time to relax this summer with friends and family. Though I’ve already started working on writing curriculum this week, the 9-5 hours gave me plenty of time to PARTY!! Who knew that being able to sleep until 8am would equal a much better nightlife!?!

Tuesday night, my friend Jodi and I celebrated my San Antonio Tidbits  giveaway win at the JW Marriott Lantana Spa!!


We had such a fabulous time! I can’t believe I’ve been teaching only 10 minutes away from this little gem for 2 years!?!

The spa is beautiful, and the staff were so welcoming. The pear margarita was DELICIOUS!





















After  margaritas, manicures, and a spa tour, we thought we would give ourselves a “tour” of the resort. We casually strolled around the JW and decided this was our new Staycation of choice! Mom and dad, feel free to book a room here anytime! I’ll come stay with YOU!

Not only do you have a fabulous spa and restaurants to choose from, but you have a scenic golf course and lazy river. There is even a marshmallow roasting pit complete with staff members to put the marshmallows on your stick!

Something I thought was great about the Lantana Spa, is any spa service gives you access to the spa and pool facilities for the day (8am-8pm)! That means you can enjoy a day at the resort but go home to sleep in your own bed! lol :)

I see another manicure and pool day in my near future…hint hint Farm Boy. You can go to the driving range!

This would also be a perfect way for a group of girlfriends to spend a Friday afternoon!

We were having so much fun, I forgot to take more photos!  I guess I will have to go back so I can update my post! 😉

Thanks so much to San Antonio Tidbits and the Lantana Spa. I love reading their San Antonio newsletter. If you want a great resource for the best food, fashion, and community events going on in San Antonio (or one of the many other cities available), be sure to check out the Tidbits newsletter!

We're not in San Antonio anymore...oh wait we are!




July 28th, 2012

Happy End of July Y’all!

I can’t believe it is almost August!?! :(

Did anyone else love the Olympic Opening Ceremonies last night? It was quirky, but I loved it.

I love the Corgis!!!

I loved how they had to speed up the film showing them walking down to the helicopter. Corgis must be slow when they’re that fluffy!  BTW Daniel Craig is still HOT.

I'm guessing the Potter fans went crazy over this!

This guy deserved the gold medal for his fabulous and trendy color choices. Borat would be proud!

















I actually watched this race today. I would have a panic attack if that many people were cycling next to me!

I guess triathlons are out for me…darn.

Speaking of me exercising, I ran a 5K this morning in 35 minutes! SWEET!!!

One of the Olympic art installations in London.








I was proud to finish my 5K faster and stronger than ever. I guess it was all the olympic buzz (or carb loading I did last night accidentally!).

Tonight I will be cheering on this team!

Keep it classy USA!



July 23rd, 2012

My dermatologist called me today.

Unfortunately, it is skin cancer-basal cell carcinoma.

Fortunately, everything I’ve read so far says this is a slow growing cancer. Hopefully REALLY slow.

Unfortunately, I have to go to the skin cancer specialist and have another procedure.

Fortunately, I read 3 cups of coffee a day helps reduce your risk of skin cancer (heading out to buy another Keurig for my classroom to work on preventing any more recurrences).

Unfortunately, I think it’s gonna hurt. boo, hiss as my friend would say.

SO I write this to say stop surfing the internet and go put on some SPF 50. Go buy a floppy hat while you’re at it.

OH yeah and go to the dermatologist.



It’s About Time

July 16th, 2012

This morning I went to the dermatologist. I left with an extra hole in my nose.

OK, that is an exaggeration, but I did have to have a biopsy.

I’ve had a “bump” on my nose for months that has been driving me crazy.  I realized it wasn’t a stubborn blemish recently when it started bleeding for no reason.  This was when I freaked out and called the doctor.

Before she did the biopsy, she gave me a shot in the bump to numb my nose.


I couldn’t feel the scraping, so that is good news. The bad news is I have to wait a week for my results.

I am a daily sunscreen wearer.  I use this stuff underneath my makeup. I also use their body sunscreen. Hopefully it helps. :)

To reward myself for not punching the dermatologist in her face, I went watch shopping.

(I know…I should reward myself with exercise, but I am scared to get the nose sweaty)

I’ve been pining for this Michael Kors beauty.

I love it because it is gold (my new fave) and tortoise (which is very popular right now) but it isn’t boring.

But for $200 I could buy 1/4 of an iPad.

This is where waiting on a prescription at HEB comes in handy.

I had 30 minutes to kill, so I walked next door to Stein Mart. (I’ve never shopped there…it wasn’t bad!)

That is when I found my new watch!

 For $39 dollars I got the gold and tortoise look, and it is unique with the circles! I’m in love!

BTW- It is not easy to take a picture of your own wrist.

I have been SO lazy since I got home. Darn you Bravo and your Million Dollar Listings marathons.

Have you had a screening lately?


Blah Blah Blah Day

July 13th, 2012

I heart you M&M! You are a good friend.

I will let you be LC since Audrina is  an air head…Though I’m the blonde in this friendship:)

You may want to be Audrina because she is smokin hot in a bikini.

I had to google LC vs Audrina Bikini to find this pic! I LOVE THE INTERNET

While chatting with my friend at Starbucks, I got a free drink today!

Starbucks now has these “Refreshers” drinks with caffeine from green coffee beans.

I had the lime refresher and it was awesome! I didn’t know what it was at the time (they asked me if I wanted the free tall drink and I said holla!) but it tastes a little like a green tea without the bitterness. I will definitely be switching to this the next time I go to Starbucks (from my usual Passion Tea Lemonade).

What is your favorite Starbucks drink?


My Felicity Moment

July 12th, 2012

I cut my hair!

A lot of it!

This picture explains why.

Look at them.  Beautiful, yes. But they all have the same freakin hair! Just various shades of blonde and brunette.

I needed a change. Looks like the office at Everygirl does too! lol


Dear CoCo

July 10th, 2012

Dear CoCo,

Thank you for inspiring me to get a spray tan and show my thighs to the world.

Because of you, I can save money and not have to buy a bigger swimsuit. Who cares that I have some extra curves up top?

I appreciate the way you promote outdoor exercise by doing those leg kick thingys.

I also think my dog Sherman would enjoy a trip to the beach.

CoCo, you are the best.





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