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Local Love: Avocado Cafe and GIVEAWAY

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

No cats were harmed during the making of this post. We’ll get to that later.

If you are visiting me from Oh Boy Fourth Grade, I was right. I told Farley I didn’t want thousands of fans seeing my chipped nail polish and wack makeup. Lucky for me you were probably too blinded by my yellow sweater to notice! If you aren’t visiting me from Oh Boy Fourth Grade, what are you thinking???? GO VISIT HER AND THEN COME BACK HERE! :)

Last week  I visited a brand new cafe in the Bracken Village in NE San Antonio for lunch.

Who knew there were so many yummy uses for an avocado!


I thought the name was cute and earthy, but I never guessed most of the menu really would include avocado. (DUH)

The moment we walked in the door, we were hit up with FREE dessert samples!   I LUV me some dessert before the main course.

BTW teacherbarbies, my trick for telling kiddos how to know the difference between dessert and desert is that eating DESSERT is TWICE as nice as being in the hot DESERT.

There is your squirrel lesson for the day.

OK, back to the avocado yumminess.

I had the avocado, chicken, and provolone sandwich. There was another wedge, but I had gobbled it down like I was on lunch duty or something before I took the photo.

It was DELICIOUS!!! RANDOM FACT- I have not consumed avocado in NINE YEARS until this sandwich people.  After living in Costa Rica with an avocado tree in my backyard (which meant it was included in most meals) I swore off avo for awhile. OH yeah and rice and beans. Sheesh can a girl get some MEAT ?  Living in Costa Rica definitely sent me on the path of pastry overload, because I couldn’t eat rice and beans three times a day.


the Avocado Cafe delights weren’t done.

We had CELERY and dip in lieu of chips and salsa brought to the table. Some of you will gag, but I found it so random I gobbled them up.

I had trouble finishing my food because I was distracted by the country chic design. Old table, lanterns hanging from a branch, and a birdhouse? I may never leave.


Who needs a Cat in a Hat when you can have a Cat in a BOX!


Seriously though, you should check out the Avocado Cafe if you are nearby, or not! You can stop in my favorite jewelry place Bless Your Heart next door in the big red barn!


SO, if you haven’t already read Farley’s post about the perfect pens BIC sent her, here is your chance. Go to Farley’s blog and check out the pens and pencils. Comment there and you have a chance to win her giveaway. Then LIKE my Facebook page for Happydally  and tell me you commented on Farley’s blog. If you managed to jump through those two hoops, you will have a chance to win the Velocity BIC pens from me!!!   Heather and Farley weren’t lying. That pen was SMOOOOOOOOTHHHH.

One post will be randomly selected from Happydally’s Facebook page on Tuesday! SO get on over there!!! If we were in South Carolina it would be GIT!