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The Shoe Club = Shoe Heaven

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Today I PR’d! Not that this is difficult when your run at a turtle’s pace.


We did it NOBO2! We ran through the hottest summer in history!

I enjoyed the Sunrise 5K at the Alamo Heights Pool. It was the most crowded race I’ve done in awhile. I unfortunately started out too far in the front of the pack with the rabbits, and this killed me in my time by the last mile…so tired!  Farm Boy was waiting for me at the last 300 meters and actually ran alongside me, that is until I waved him off cause I thought I needed all the air I could get. I was so HOT! My personal trainer ran the race as well, and waited to “cheer” me on at the end.

Even Instagram can’t hide my tired eyes! lol This is Lauren my trainer. If you don’t know me, she is obviously the fitter one. :)

Typically when we workout she is all sweet and positive. Today she was standing about 100 meters from the finish line and she gave me the meanest “DON’T SLOW DOWN” yell I’ve ever heard. It worked. I hauled it in at 35 mins and 45 seconds. That is an 11:31 min mile pace. Not bad. My new turtle name is Trot. Trot the Tortoise or Hot to Trot?

After running the Sunrise 5K this morning, I was starving…for NEW SHOES!

I needed to replenish all those "nutrients" I lost while running. ;)

Luckily, this is tax-free weekend in Texas. This can only mean one thing.

Every store is packed and likely out of your size.

Unless you are smart like me, and you go to the local stores like The Shoe Club in the Quarry Market area (across from the Quarry).

I left with THREE pairs of fabulousness.

Black and Gold-My old High School Colors!

Because sometimes you need Silver


I’m in love my new ballet flats. I could probably buy a pair in every color if I won the lottery. They are buttery soft, with enough flexibility to wear comfortably. I will have to see if they pass the teacher death stand test.

The third pair is the most fabulous, but I’m saving them for after Labor Day.  I’ll give you a hint.

They are from the fall TOMS collection.

Did you do any Back to School Shopping this weekend?


My Hips Don’t Lie

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Strange things happen on Facebook.  People post oddly cropped photos of themselves showing lots of cleavage. Others guilt you into reposting your love for pizza on 5 other walls or you will never eat good pizza again. Some overshare pregnancy experiences  that would give most of us nightmares(not you C.E.). There is flirting, cyber-bullying, bragging…you name it, it is on Facebook.  I even “friended” six different Tomo S. from Japan trying to help Farm Boy find his old roommate from college.  Yes, some 40 year old perv from Japan is probably stalking me right now thanks to that little experiment. I think I found the right one, I just can’t read Japanese.

Anyways- Something strange happend on my FB.  After reading one of my favorite Teacher Barbies had just been fitted for new running shoes, I was intrigued.  Maybe if I had perfectly fitted running shoes, I could actually run more than a few feet to the refrigerator. I was inspired.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m a bit of a shopper. So I hopped in the truck and drove to the nearest running store. Ok, I actually went to Jamba Juice, got a pedicure, and THEN went to the running store.


After awkwardly standing, walking, jogging and more walking, they determined I needed a neutral shoe and hooked me up with these babies. Except mine have pink laces! FUN

I’m not going to go into the details, but if you are interested you can go to their site to read more.

This walking and running around the store while being observed reminded me of when my brother was little and we were shopping for new school shoes. He would put on a pair and then run really fast in place saying, “These shoes make me fast mom!”   Aww little Gardensake bro you are so lucky I don’t have any kid pics of you right now or I would post em!


My Newton’s in hand, I went home and posted on FB about my excitement.  This is when the Facebook cycle of craziness began.

A Teacher Barbie buddy commented about a healthy eating club, and somehow that turned the FB discussion into starting a running group that can train for the San Antonio half marathon.  WHAT!? I had to think about this.

So I downloaded all these different training schedules, bought a Runner’s World magazine, ate some Happy Tracks Blue Bell Ice Cream, and wondered if this was all too ambitious.

I am not an athlete. Besides my love of dance growing up, I’ve never been a runner. (Ok, except that semester when I was in luv with the hot cross country guy so I ran around Boomer Lake in hopes of one day bumping into…ok nevermind).

After three days of trying the Couch 2 5K app on my iPhone, and lots of messaging and discussing it with my Teacher Barbies, I can say I’m excited. I am also pretty sure there is no way I could be safely ready to run a half by November 13th.

My goals are as follows:

1. Just try C25K training schedule first, then move to a 10K training schedule, then finally the half-marathon schedule. Yoga in between running days.

2.  Run Walk and Roll 5K at Incarnate Word University on October 8th

3. Wurst 5 Miler in New Braunfels November 5th

4. Spicewood Vineyards 10K in Hill Country December 3rd

5.  Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Dallas March 25th   (THE BIG GOAL)


I’ve temporarily named our running team Runs with Wolves.  Our school mascot is Wolfie, and it just felt right.

Thanks to my beloved Twilight series there are plenty of Runs with Wolves t-shirts that I am considering ordering.

This one is my favorite

This one isn’t bad


Or this one?

Oh wait, sorry


I plan to post each Friday about the running. Lots of encouragement and chocolate milk is needed.

Let me know if you are interested in running with us!


I’ll leave you with a song that speaks to the reason I know I need to take this running thing slowly.  I have granny hips.

I like to say it is an old ballet injury, but it is probably just genetics. Thanks a lot mom and dad.

My hips don’t lie, they are sore today so I know I have to be careful.

LOL How does Shakira dance like that? This is the song that made me a Shakira fan. An Waka Waka. oh man LOVE Waka Waka

[youtube DUT5rEU6pqM 640 510 ]