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The Shoe Club = Shoe Heaven

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Today I PR’d! Not that this is difficult when your run at a turtle’s pace.


We did it NOBO2! We ran through the hottest summer in history!

I enjoyed the Sunrise 5K at the Alamo Heights Pool. It was the most crowded race I’ve done in awhile. I unfortunately started out too far in the front of the pack with the rabbits, and this killed me in my time by the last mile…so tired!  Farm Boy was waiting for me at the last 300 meters and actually ran alongside me, that is until I waved him off cause I thought I needed all the air I could get. I was so HOT! My personal trainer ran the race as well, and waited to “cheer” me on at the end.

Even Instagram can’t hide my tired eyes! lol This is Lauren my trainer. If you don’t know me, she is obviously the fitter one. :)

Typically when we workout she is all sweet and positive. Today she was standing about 100 meters from the finish line and she gave me the meanest “DON’T SLOW DOWN” yell I’ve ever heard. It worked. I hauled it in at 35 mins and 45 seconds. That is an 11:31 min mile pace. Not bad. My new turtle name is Trot. Trot the Tortoise or Hot to Trot?

After running the Sunrise 5K this morning, I was starving…for NEW SHOES!

I needed to replenish all those "nutrients" I lost while running. ;)

Luckily, this is tax-free weekend in Texas. This can only mean one thing.

Every store is packed and likely out of your size.

Unless you are smart like me, and you go to the local stores like The Shoe Club in the Quarry Market area (across from the Quarry).

I left with THREE pairs of fabulousness.

Black and Gold-My old High School Colors!

Because sometimes you need Silver


I’m in love my new ballet flats. I could probably buy a pair in every color if I won the lottery. They are buttery soft, with enough flexibility to wear comfortably. I will have to see if they pass the teacher death stand test.

The third pair is the most fabulous, but I’m saving them for after Labor Day.  I’ll give you a hint.

They are from the fall TOMS collection.

Did you do any Back to School Shopping this weekend?


Teacher Barbies

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Back to school time is creeping up on us.  I am meeting with my new fourth grade team for the first time today to discuss Ancient China! Ancient China over a cup of green tea at Taza’s Coffee Shop, how appropriate. :)  But before I think about lesson plans and classroom decorations, I have to get my Teacher Barbie outfits for the semester.    Any clothes I have that I wear to school, I call my Teacher Barbie clothes.

Meet the REAL Teacher Barbies who inspired me.

This is super sexy homeschool Teacher Barbie. Who else would have one tiny tot in their classroom?

I love how she wears the red scarf to draw attention away from her HUGE boobs. She could also use it to cover her knees when she tries to sit criss cross applesauce in that tiny skirt.


Then we have our Retro Teacher Barbies















Props to any teacher who can work in a pencil skirt and heels all day.  I like how she is checking out the guy in front row that looks like he is 35. Maybe it is her principal doing a walk-thru.  While this Teacher Barbie has her Ph.D. in fashion, I got my Ph.D. in eating.


Next we have Budget Cut Teacher Barbie

Due to budget constraints, this Teacher Barbie had to go all Scarlett O’Hara and make her wardrobe out of last year’s classroom curtains.  She also has to stack her students because they raised the class size limit but didn’t increase square footage. She wears the red tie and white dress shirt so she can quickly be ready to go to her evening TGIFridays waitressing job. Those bills don’t pay themselves you know.


Probably the most fashionable of our Teacher Barbies would be

Giant Teacher Barbie


or Bilingual Teacher Barbie

Art Teacher Barbie broke the rules

Legging are NOT pants and no cats allowed in school, not even as models.

I’m not saying I look like a Barbie, but finding clothes that are professional, cute, and comfortable enough to wear all day teaching is no easy task.

I usually shop here


Look! It's Nautical Teacher Barbie!

or here

For some reason Gap's Perfect Trouser Pants fit my big Teacher Barbie booty quite comfortably.


Lately I’ve been shopping online more.  Pinterest and Polyvore have been both a fun find and a curse!

You can see some of the things I’ve been pinning at Pinterest Happydally

And because no social media site would be complete without a touch of ridiculousness, here are some special wardrobe pieces I recently pinned!

For all my Teacher Barbies out there, these are a must for your fall wardrobe.
You could even pair them with these.



What is your favorite Teacher Barbie Store?