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Tuesday Confessions: Dirty

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

I have a confession.  I have planned in advance not to wash my hair.  I am too tired after spending 7am to 8pm at school today to explain all the details why, but if I don’t explain a little this post will seem even more silly. I’m silly. Sleepy silly.

I do this quite often though.

I don’t know why I’m confessing about my dirty hair.

I have a dirty hair scale I’ve created in my mind. Like a rubric for all my Teacher Barbies out there.

It includes things like…

What time of day did I was my hair yesterday or today? (The later the better)

Did I eat in any restaurant that made my hair stinky? (Greasy Spoon joints like Jim’s or Mela Indian food)

Did I put my hair up in a bun during planning and now have a giant crease in the back of my hair?

Can said crease be hidden by putting it back in a bun?

Can simply braiding or pinning my bangs back cover it up?

Does anyone give a *@#$?  (No)

See all the decisions that go into washing hair?!!?

I have complicated the situation by cutting bangs again. I LOOOOVVVEEEE chunky bangs.  One problem. She didn’t cut mine chunky enough.  They are very 2nd grade cute cut, not hippy 70’s wannabe cut.

Bangs get durty. Fast. I notice this more now that I am Katy Perry brown.

 Good bangs day for Katy

 Dirty bangs day perhaps?

Using cleavage, I mean flowers to distract us from your dirty bangs?


I love Katy Perry.

Have no fear friends. I will not be stinkin up the place too badly.

I know it is best not to wash your hair everyday, but to help I use THIS STUFF!!!

I highly recommend it (and you can find it at Walgreens and Target)!

And because I haven’t LMAO enough today, you must watch this kid sing my favorite Katy Perry song (Yes it has been around a long time…still funny to me) Why didn’t he download the lyrics!? lol

[youtube lm_n3hg-Gbg 640 510 ]

I need to work. I’m too tired.

Maybe tomorrow I will tell you about the fun stuff we did tonight at our Ancient Cultures Time Traveling Event! I don’t know why I capitalized all that.

Anyone else have funny hair secrets?