Medical company expansion deal in Roseville nominated for award


(萨克拉门托,CA) -商业房地产巨头库什曼 & Wakefield are being recognized for their work with the Greater Sacramento Economic Council (GSEC) as well as Roseville city officials in securing the expansion of medical technical company 半影 into the Greater Sacramento region. The 半影 deal has been nominated for “Best Lease Transaction” in NAIOP’s annual “Best of the Bay” awards dinner.

通过与GSEC的合作, officials from the City of Roseville were able to meet with 半影’s executive team during their site selection process to showcase the economic opportunities and benefits of expanding to Roseville. Roseville Electric Utility leaders provided information on their low rates, and reliability. The City of Roseville also facilitated the tenant improvement (TI) process and welcomed 半影 into their community at their annual Chamber of Roseville event.

“The cost of doing business in Roseville is consistently among the lowest in the state,约翰·阿拉德二世说, 罗斯维尔市长. “英国正版365官方网站拥有并经营自己的电力和水务设施, 以及公共安全, 公园, 图书馆和公共工程服务. This allows for a streamlined permitting process for new business coming to Roseville. Roseville Electric’s award-winning reliability was key to 半影’s decision to come to Roseville.”

半影, 总部在阿拉梅达, is expected to initially bring 250 jobs to Roseville in the first three years of operation and is anticipated to ultimately create up to 1,200. 他们的160000平方. ft. 空间将包括办公、研究和设计空间.

罗恩·托马斯。, Executive Director of the Sacramento office of Cushman and Wakefield said, “Sacramento continues to offer wonderful opportunity for both companies and investors alike who remain drawn to the region – particularly from the Bay area due to its proximity together with its quality real estate, 负担得起的生活和整体生活方式. We are thrilled that 半影 has selected Sacramento to both establish and grow their presence into the future.”他补充道, “Roseville Innovation Park is a beautifully updated Class A project with numerous amenities, 包括零售, 娱乐和住宅, 在很短的距离内, 加上新安装的户外娱乐设施, 餐饮和突破空间. 作为大萨克拉门托的主要子市场之一, 罗斯维尔提供各种各样的设施, 服务, 和活动/吸引力. Another significant benefit to the area is that its municipal-owned utility provides power to both businesses and residences at affordable rates.”

代理在Cushman & Wakefield recognize the large presence of the health care industry in Greater Sacramento and the opportunities for growth. Greater Sacramento has a steady pipeline of talent in the region that leading health care, 生命科学, 创业公司, 生物技术和医疗设备公司正在寻找机会.

Sacramento-based MarketOne Builders was the construction partner that 半影 chose at the early stages of design in order to complete their medical device manufacturing facility in Roseville. 日程安排得很紧, MarketOne and their design-build trade partners worked early to confirm 半影 requirements, 释放设备, and work 6 days per week to deliver the critical first phase on time. 半影 Director of Production Vince Kramer commented that he was “extremely impressed with the team’s efforts to achieve the final goal”.

英国正版365官方网站很自豪能与半影合作, 道路, 康斯托克约翰逊建筑师, 项目配置管理, 以及咨询公司Stanton Engineering负责这个项目,詹姆斯·菲茨杰拉德说, MarketOne Builders的项目开发总监.

“The recognition by NAIOP – a leading organization for developers, 所有者和投资者意味着英国正版365官方网站正在做正确的事情. The power of the community of Roseville collaborating with GSEC and agents at Cushman & Wakefield is exemplified in this 半影 deal and by this nomination,” said Barry Broome, President & 的首席执行官GSEC.


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The Greater Sacramento Economic Council is the catalyst for innovative growth strategies in the Capital Region of California. The organization spearheads community-led direction to retain, 吸引, 发展和扩大新业务, develop advanced industries and create jobs and investment throughout a six-county region. Greater Sacramento represents a collaboration between local and state governments, 市场领导者, 影响者和利益相关者, 唯一的使命就是推动经济增长. The Greater Sacramento region was founded on discovery, built on leadership and fueled by innovation.



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