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Marketing Collateral

Greater Sacramento Regional Overview

Greater Sacramento Life Science Cluster

Available Incentives

Investor and Emerging Enterprise Resource Guide Overview

GSEC Job Portal Overview

Reports and Strategies

The Greater Sacramento Talent Story

MLS stadium to catalyze dramatic growth in Greater Sacramento

Greater Sacramento: The Premier Employee Experience

Why Greater Sacramento is Next Out West

Brookings Sacramento Region Economic Prosperity Report

Brookings Sacramento Region Economic Prosperity Summary

Prosperity Strategy

The Greater Sacramento Region’s CEDS 2020-2025

Organizational Documents

FY21-24 Strategic Plan

2021 Prospectus

FY20/21 Annual Report

FY20/21 Action Plan

FY19/20 Annual Report

FY19/20 Action Plan

FY18/19 Annual Report

FY18/19 Action Plan


Greater Sacramento Economic Council Logo

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