Von Housen Automotive keeps hundreds employed during COVID-19 with unique safety procedures and PPP


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(萨克拉门托, CA)– The Von Housen Automotive Group has partnered with 五星级的银行 and is using the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to keep 260 people employed during the economic downturn of COVID-19. The company has also taken extensive measures to provide a safe and sanitized workplace, incorporating CDC recommendations and adding new fogging disinfecting methods to keep dealerships open for business.



Leaders at Von Housen Automotive were thrilled to work directly with their local contact at 五星级的银行.  “Our commitment to serve our team members and the community in the greater 萨克拉门托 area has always been my first priority.  当我看到所有冯·豪森的员工他们会得到这个计划的帮助, 我不只是看到他们, 我看到他们的家人, 他们的孩子, and I feel great knowing they can continue to have a paycheck to provide for them.  当然, that also means keeping them safe and healthy which is why we have taken extensive measures to follow all CDC recommendations, as well as adding new equipment that fogs all parts of the dealership with specialized sanitizing solutions,” 说 乔治·格林泽维奇,冯·豪森汽车公司的老板兼首席执行官.

詹姆斯·贝克威斯,五星银行行长 & 首席执行官

詹姆斯·贝克威斯,五星银行行长 & 首席执行官,

五星银行行长 & 首席执行官, 詹姆斯·贝克维恩, 说, “There has been extensive demand for relief through the PPP during this unprecedented time and helping customers like Von Housen Automotive was our top priority. 无论是在危机时期还是在一切如常的时候, 五星级的银行 focuses on ensuring customers can sustain with strength and resilience. Our customers understand that having a strong relationship with their banker is critical in good times and in bad.”

Von Housen Automotive represents a strong and unwavering commitment to both their employees and their customers. The company is providing a safe workplace during this pandemic with innovative fogging machines that disinfect surfaces throughout a dealership. They have also waived customer payments for 90 days with the assistance of Mercedes-Benz Financial 服务. 在包括萨克拉门托在内的多个地方都有经销商, 罗克林和埃尔多拉多山, they continue to offer essential services on customer vehicles including maintenance and repairs.

冯·豪森汽车公司产生10美元.2 million in sales tax a year to the 萨克拉门托 region, helping to fuel the local economy.  在这场大流行期间,经济贡献比以往任何时候都更为重要. Von Housen is also moving full speed ahead on two construction projects totaling some $22 million. Mr. Grinzewitsch is confident that there will be a quick economic turn-around once we flatten the curve.

“The leadership under George is a prime example of an owner having confidence in his team and our community. We are grateful for these badly needed jobs and investment in the 更大的萨克拉门托 region,巴里·布鲁姆说, 总统 & 英国正版365中文首席执行官.

George Grinzewitsch and 詹姆斯·贝克维恩 are both board members of GSEC and are dedicated to supporting economic development and growth in the 更大的萨克拉门托 region.


Von Housen Automotive Group was established in 1958 in 萨克拉门托 and currently operates three Mercedes-Benz dealerships in 萨克拉门托, Rocklin, and El Dorado Hills; as well as Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dealerships in 萨克拉门托 and Rocklin. 之前的奖项包括2017年的“最佳中的最佳”, 获得2018年“最佳中的最佳”金桂冠, 以及2018年“最佳中的最佳”银桂冠. All three Mercedes-Benz dealerships received the Silver Laurel “Best of the Best” Award in 2019.


五星级的银行 was founded in 1999 by a group of local entrepreneurs seeking specialized banking services with an emphasis on commercial real estate and small business. 如今,五星银行的股价是1美元.50亿社区商业银行和值得信赖的社区增长管家, 为今天的企业建立响应性的银行关系.  在罗斯维尔有办公室, 萨克拉门托, 埃尔克格罗夫, 科尔多瓦牧场, 奇科和整理, 五星银行是促进经济增长和多元化的领导力量, 为客户创造机会, 员工和社区.  欲了解更多有关五星银行的信息,请访问 www.fivestarbank.com.


英国正版365中文 is the catalyst for innovative growth strategies in the Capital Region of California. 该组织领导社区领导的方向,以保持, 吸引, 发展和扩大可交易行业, develop advanced industries and create jobs and investment throughout a six-county region. 大萨克拉门托代表着地方和州政府之间的合作, 市场领导者, 影响者和利益相关者, 唯一的使命是推动包容性经济增长. The 更大的萨克拉门托 region was founded on discovery, built on leadership and fueled by innovation.





Applied Spectra获得了第一阶段和第二阶段的20万美元和1美元的奖金.1 million of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants to further use of its innovative laser ablation technology to serve U.S. 智力和发展.S. 工业制造.



更大的萨克拉门托 Economic Council (GSEC) was awarded one Gold Rank and two Bronze Ranks in the 2021 Excellence in Economic Development awards. GSEC won two awards related to its #NextOutWest campaign: a Gold Rank in the category of Digital Media for the multichannel marketing and PR campaign and a Bronze Rank in the category of Multimedia/Video Promotion for its campaign video. 最后, the organization was awarded a Bronze Rank in the category of 人才 Development and Retention for its Digital Upskill 萨克拉门托 program. The honors were presented today at an awards ceremony during the IEDC Annual Conference.



TurtleTree的新R&D工厂位于英国正版365官方网站首府. 位于西萨克拉门托, 这24,000-square-foot building will house a world-class research hub showcasing the company’s extensive array of innovations and cell-based technologies.